Oh my brows!

Let’s talk eyebrows! Bushy,thin,barely there,and everything in between! Before Captain Mo takes you on this ride,we have to agree on one thing-eyebrows make up 90% of your face. The rest are just there to joyride in their glory,well,depending on if they are IT! Let me warn you, if you have kids playing in the background,better take them to bed and brace yourself because it’s about to get heated!

The downsides of having bad brows are:

~looking much older than you actually are

~complexion might have lost some of its brilliance

~facial features might appear much larger or smaller than they actually are

OK- I was being over dramatic but I’m sure that I’ve passed a point!

Brow shapes have changed overtime; there was a time back in the 80’s when having thin eyebrows was the in-thing. Well, these days we prefer them a Lil’ bit thicker and slightly pronounced. There’s really no definite shape of brows,it all depends on the shape of your face. Disclaimer alert! I’m not teaching y’all how to “draw” eyebrows;rather, i’m generally sharing my ideas on how to groom them eyebrows!

First things first! We want you to achieve your ideal brow shape! So there are several methods on how to do it.



PS:Good news for all ye owners of over trimmed brows;Castor Oil works wonders! Just apply it using a cotton pad generously around your brow area and in 16 weeks you have your eyebrow hair back!

You are definitely spoilt for choice with all those ideas! Personally,I thread mine at the comfort of my room. It is really not brain surgery,anyone can get it right. You can also get these done for you at your saloonist’s,oh, and it’s pocket-friendly too! After all these trimming and what not, you’ll notice that you need to define your brows. Now that’s where your eyebrow pencil comes in handy. The idea here is to simply fill in your brows for a full realistic look. Not to “draw” on non-existing hairs.  Please,please,please,under no circumstances whatsoever,should you use BLACK eyebrow pencil because the end game will be you looking all plastic and the idea here is to simply mimic what the hairs on your eyebrows are like. Always use brown brow pencil. Depending on your complexion, choose which shade of brown that will suit you. Personally, I have a chocolate complexion so I use a darker shade of brown. For women with lighter complexions,lighter shades of brown are advised. Other colors of brow pencil are NOT allowed anywhere near your eyebrows,and at large,your make up kit because nobody ever made a song off of a lady with the appropriate make up on and a purple/blue/red/whichever eyebrow pencil shade was inclusive.

Now,using your brow pencil,Mimic the shape of your hairs and don’t make it too thin or too voluminous. We are trying to achieve a realistic look. Your eyebrows should have a tip,body and a tail. Normally,the tip is usually less darker than than the body. These two are supposed to be thick,well,unlike the tail. The tail needn’t be too long or too short. Remember what we said,everything should just be realistic here. After this,there’s need to highlight your brows and you can always do this right at the tip and under the tail. A cream concealer 2-3 shades will help you get there. Use it to highlight and define your brows. Better still, if you think you are likely to use excess of the content and ruin the whole look,you can simply use the tip of your index finger slightly on the tip of your brow and be keen not to rub everything off! That was simply to add some drama to your brows. And by doing this, you’re good to go,mega-babe!

   Captain is out,till next time,stay saucin’!


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