Hi lovelies!

This week we talk about the L word! I’m going to share basically what I think about it and well,share a bit of that from my,well,my experiences (I’ll lay down my lowkeyness in all its magnitude and finally give a sneak peek,Lord help me through this tough ordeal!). Trust me,I’m no Doctor Love but you can be sure that views expressed here are part of my recent past and some are gathered conclusions from friends. So,from my recent past, I have learnt that you don’t really need athletic prowess,a figure like Halle Berry or a bag of gadgets to be a great lover. Sensitivity,confidence and a little imagination(NOTE,a little) are all it takes to ignite the flames! This is probably going to be the shortest post on my blog because it’s generally a whole bible compressed.

It would seem that the world’s great lovers were born and not made. Loving can be learned. All you need is to recognize the signs and signals that turn a one-way desire into a two-way thorough fare of passion! The major way to do this is to understand your partner’s,and of course, your love language. A love language is simply how an individual receives love. People are different and so is their reception. Are you just the type of person that treasures spending quality time with the partner? Do you get over the ceiling when they surprise you with gifts? Do they ignite that spark using physical touch/intimacy? Ama you get to 100 when they use oral affirmations? These are things that you should know because much as some seem petty and unnecessary,they could actually decide the fate of the gig. Personally, I fancy me some quality time with Mr. Papi. And hey Papi,I don’t mind those gifts either!(keep ’em coming,boy!)

Learn to forgive. This is you going out of your way to invest in another human being,knowing them and trying to incorporate yourself into their world and them into yours. This does not come easy I tell you! There’s gonna be times that y’all argue and misunderstand each other;numerous times. That’s the way you know that you’re really about something. So don’t lug the baggage and resentment around in your relationship. FORGIVE.

-Be your partner’s best friend as well as lover. Make their job,achievements,personal affairs and problems your business. But oh, don’t be too clingy or nosey about it. Give space as you do it.

-Flirt with your partner. Now this never gets old/boring! Tell them what they mean to you,tickle the back of their thighs when y’all out there,blow into their ear,whisper sweet nothings and if you’re the daring type,for my ladies,rub up against his groin(of course,when no one’s looking!) Thank Ze Captain later!

-Act with maturity. No one likes a kiddo around them who’s always throwing tantrums,demanding things or dissolving into helpless tears when you forget that they also have a fake birthday(Oh,Papi,don’t forget,my fake birthday is still on the 2nd of Dec!)

Make an effort to show your loved one how special they are to you. Cook a meal,buy a bottie of wine,set the table up,sit next to them,hold hands and of course,throw in some words of affirmation. After all,if you don’t do these things for them,who will?!

There’s many many things that could help you get there,depending on your type of relationship. These are just a few tips from yours truly’s own point of view.

Captain Mo is out,till next week,keep your game at 102 less 2!

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