Dawn Of A New Beginning.

Yes, this title was a stolen line from that Axwell & Ingresso song! Before you go bat shit crazy and complain about my lack of posting for the last month and a half, IN MY DEFENSE, I HAVE BEEN WRITING ABOUT MY FEELINGS AND ACTING LIKE A 10 YEAR OLD PREPUBESCENT GIRL…well,just not publicly. Oh! How I wish I had a nursing baby so that I’d use that in my line of defense,you know,tight schedules,sleeping at odd hours,no me time and the whole hustle of getting him to sleep.(whatever that means)

Now, I hope that y’all eyebrows have been in check since then. While I was away, I started selling nudes so message me if you need some. I’ll surely hook you up(this is obviously a scam. I was testing you. If you got excited,go watch some porn then come back). Anyways, I have been upto life;chasing it,living it and learning some new stuff here and there. Skipping ahead, I have A LOT of stories and experiences to write about. Maybe I’ll publish some of them someday,of course,those crazy ones.

I have been majoring on self-discovery during that period. It is quite a process that’s still underway. It’s a fun one too,I like it. So far I’ve learnt two things;

1. There’s really no magic to staying centered, it’s just committing yourself and then practicing.

2. Don’t lose your way in life by asking for directions too frequently. Quieten your mind and have faith in the Self and you shall be shown the right direction.

So right now these two are in full effect. Now on to always asking myself before I do something, “Will this really matter in 5 years? In 10 years? Will I really think about *insert event* in my life?”. Life is constantly changing and renewing itself. I pray that God may grant me a heart opened wide to all this beauty.

I promise to be more active henceforth and post more about what’s going on in my head because apparently you nosy shits have nothing better to do and well frankly..neither do I 🙂

                                         Captain is out,till next time!


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