Just a few days ago, a boyfriend somewhere lost his baby. A mother lost her only daughters; girls on whom she’d showered hard-earned money,just so they would live the good life. A father’s dreams came tumbling down on seeing his daughter on a stretcher,being ferried to a morgue, of course, lying lifeless. All this, thanks to the grisly road carnage that ambushed a group of students that were on the verge of living la vida loca. A group of pals have to narrate to the media the story that led to that sad ordeal, they have to come into terms with the bitter fact that they will never see their peers again. Yup, I know that y’all have probably had just enough of this story but hey, there’s another side of the coin that’s not popped up in that toss.

My condolences to the families of the deceased. I strongly believe that everything that happens under the sun is a plan by the Man up there. I also strongly believe that some occurrences come as a result of tempting fate. According to sources,the driver to these students’ car had been cruising under the influence of alcohol. Drunk-driving. I am not,in any manner,throwing shade to this guy: just stating facts! At least each day, someone somewhere in the country loses their wholeness to a road carnage because they were either over speeding, drunk-driving or bending other traffic regulations. 

I open WhatsApp and a message that reads, “Avoid Ngong road,kuna alcoblow guys there” pops up in a group I’m in. I open Ma3route and that’s the case there too. These ‘alcoblow guys’ have become more dreaded than the world’s deadliest disease(not sure if it’s cancer or malaria or HIV/AIDS). These so called alcoblow guys are the National Transport and Safety Authority officers who work hard for a good cause-for us guys to be safe on the road. These guys are in every way trying to help us get to our destinations whole and alive. They are not our adversaries!

If you think I’m casting stones, allow me to outline some of the functions of NTSA that are relevant to this context,as clearly stated  in Section 4 of the NTSA act.

*To advise and make recommendations on matters relating to road transport and safety.

*To implement policies relating to road transport and safety.

*To ensure the provision of safe, reliable and efficient road transport service.

So,tell me in reference to the above, How are these NTSA officers against our well-being? I will never get why people dodge them!

NTSA records show that private vehicles contribute to the most fatal road accidents. If you’re going to have a bottle or a couple, how is it so hard to just pick a designated driver and tag them along? Or better still, get a cab home? How will your soul,six feet under, even feel recalling that the last bottle you ever had in the world took part in getting you down there? Yet you could have avoided it? It’s sad. How is it so hard to follow simple instructions? Like don’t over speed? Do you really hate your life that much?

Those who know me in person can attest that I’m a happy soul,definitely not a whiner. But apparently I did whine. I was not just simply whining for the sake of getting this blog post done. Prior to taking these risks,it’s important that we think widely about the consequences around the corner. Chukua control ya maisha yako!

                         Unapologetically my two cents! Till next time, Captain is out!


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