Black Excellency.

When I was younger, somehow, I almost  always tried all I could to tamper with my dark skin, probably transform myself into a Mzungu. I’d come up with menacing ploys such as wanting to use the compass from my school geometrical set to break my skin, quite assured that the pale would finally break out. I also had this jeopardizing thought that somehow I’d get to get rid of my ebony if I probably showered every hour of the day. You know,maybe, this tan was as a result of some kind of tough stain that would pass into oblivion if I showered a bit more(of course with some detergents involved). Yea, to me, it was all dirt. Shucks!

Well, of course, the former ploy would yield sheer pain so I wouldn’t even try it. The latter actually seemed like a plan but somehow I was always committed somewhere everyday of the week; school during the weekdays, Bible study on Saturdays and church on Sundays. Clearly I wasn’t going to get this ‘me time’ Oh, snap!

Kimberly Clark

What was I trying to do though? Taking away my sexy,exotic and glamorous dark hue? Years later I came to fathom that my dusky skin is an ultimate symbol of beauty and charm. Each day in some way, I realized that my skin is extremely attractive. Some way, I found out that it looks real and graceful. It came to my notice that my skin is flawless,supple and way more healthier than I thought. My ebony is well moisturized naturally and this made me notice that I actually appear younger.

Each day, I gradually got to appreciate my ebony and the fact that I was actually blessed to hail from this race. I learnt that I was black right from my soul and no amount of transformation would change my race. 

This, ladies and gentlemen, was how I was slowly getting to drift from the supposed perilous side effects that come with bleaching. Nil danger of kidney damage,nervous system complications and skin cancer. I did not have to opt for bleaching which would require I also work on the skin around my-you-know-where for uniformity reasons (I’m not casting stones by the way). I was free! FOLKS, I WAS FREE!

“Who taught you to hate yourself? Who taught you to hate the texture of your hair? Who taught you to hate the color of your skin?” ~ Malcolm X. On the basis of our black, how intense is our self-hatred sometimes though? Absolutely not worth it! You are beautiful in all your black,because BLACK DON’T CRACK!


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