Burger King Kenya – Hotbed of noms. 

It’s almost sunrise somewhere in the world. On a farm, a potato lies awake dreaming of becoming fries-because what’s a better thing that could happen to it?

I’m here to talk about hamburgers, nuggets and fries ON THE 29th DAY OF JANUARY. Just in time for your next salary. Yup – work hard, whopper harder.



Burger King Kenya launched just last month on the 17th. The Hub Karen was fun-filled!

Great people.

Whopper faces.

Great ambience.

The King’s crowns.


Cool cats. 😎

Told ya!

All the noms in the world.

“You only regret the fries and hamburgers that you don’t eat.” ~ Captain Mo.


Burger King Kenya is open all day everyday from 10.00AM – 10.00PM. Located at The Hub Karen:Dagoretti Road, Nairobi.

Don’t hesitate to drop there and sink your teeth into a juicy hamburger sometimes – and take a friend with you because it’s always ‘nommer’ with company.

One last word, don’t forget to tell your nuggets, fries and hamburgers how much they mean to you. In private. Otherwise, you would look like you’re talking to yourself and it’s obviously not a good look. #TheKingIsHere

Captain is out, till next time, keep ya whopper face on! 


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