#JazzAttitude – The Debut.

“Jazz is not just music, it’s a way of life, it’s a way of being and a way of thinking.”

It’s the 25th day of June, 2017 and I’m strong. Strong as the drinks I mix, the tables I dance on and the friends I party with (because, what other thing to be when you have a series of jazz events to attend in the future and this is only the inaugural one? Gotta be strong for the dance floor and of course, the beautiful melodies!). Duty calls – Jazz Attitude o’clock!!

Set-up at The Alchemist, Westlands, Nairobi.

The event was well prepared for at The Alchemist Bar, Westlands, Nairobi  with a variety of continental foods, jazz themed beverages and “new” merchandise from select vendors. There was also a secure and private jazz music themed play area for the young ones.

Ad Hoc
Ad Hoc band.

Ad Hoc Band was the first act to go on stage. Guy at the front didn’t play with the Saxophone, you guys!

Then there was the muse, Tetu Shani. I loved the song covers he did and his single too, Samalina . I hadn’t ever seen him perform live but there’s something about his voice that just calmed me down and made me fall in love with what he did. You can find him on Sound Cloud – Tetu Shani.

Tetu Shani.

My favorite performance of the day was by Noel Nderitu. This one just KILLED it for me when he started his set with a cover of Fast Car by Tracy Chapman and turned it all the way up with a cover of Ojuelegba by Wizkid that got literally almost everyone on the dance floor, filling the place with so much euphoria! How he switched up so fast yet so perfectly, I can’t expla-a-a-aa-aain (you’ll get what i’m up to here if you know the lyrics to Ojuelegba). 😉

Noel Nderitu.

Then here goes Yours Truly amidst all that euphoria trying to contain herself and at the same time, enjoy the moment. 😀

Me. 😀

Then we had Threat Band who had the crowd stuck on the dance floor, with jazz renditions of select Lingala tunes and it sounded just right – somebody ask them what they’re up to. Unlocking a new genre that’s a fusion of Lingala and Jazz?

Threat Band


Then this,

Aaron Rimbui.

Minstrel, Aaron Rimbui! This performance was waited for, bigly! He made love to the keys and left everyone in deep adoration of the sweet melodies.

Lest we forget who run the world..


…girls!! June Gachui and The Flower Project. They had Addy, my date for the event, in love with what they did with the musical instruments! (It was expected). I loved them as well!

From smiles,


To jazzy grins,


..and everything in between,


Jazz Attitude – the inaugural event was all sorts of appreciable! You can tell that I’m definitely looking forward to the future events down the series and to seeing more great acts perform live. Regular tickets went for just Kshs. 2,500 and VIP tickets for Kshs. 3,000 all at the gate and advance tickets were on http://www.mymookh.com.

It’s going to be a last-Sunday-of-the-month event for the rest of the year. See you there next time!

Get your dancing shoes in order!


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