Koroga Festival 19th Edition – Fally Ipupa Dicap La Merveille

Là vié est bélle!

I know I should have published this pretty earlier but to be honest, I was truly deluged by the festival and I just felt like I needed more time to wrap the day around my head so as to be able to give you guys a rather clear picture of it all. By now, y’all probably know just how alluringly music speaks to my soul. I’m here for it now. 

It’s the 1st day of October, 2017 and I’m strong. Strong as the drinks I mix, the tables I dance on and the friends I party with (because, what other thing to be when you are definitely the life of the party and you constantly can’t wait for the next music festival? Gotta be strong for the dance floor and of course, the beautiful melodies!). Duty calls – KOROGA FESTIVAL -19th EDITION o’clock!!

The blazing sun blessed this much anticipated day! I snaked through the traffic that led to The Carnivore,  In an hour or so, my Uber guy had managed to get me to The Carnivore Grounds – and boy, wasn’t I feeling and looking good! 

On my way in, along the crazy security check queue, I spotted so many of my friends and we were all looking like the energy and good vibes that we were expecting from the stage. I knew it was on!

Finally got in and Carnivore Grounds were packed to the brim. In my honest opinion, this was the most attended edition of all Koroga Festival editions since the inaugural one. Nairobi really turned up to see the legendary Fally Ipupa N’simbaThe weather was just right for sunnies, smiles and color. Nairobi sure didn’t disappoint in that.

An aerial view of a section of the crowd

I loved the general set up. Different food and drink stalls had girdled the main tents where the crowd was, making the crowd contained and hence, making it easier to mingle and network. You know, Koroga Festival is big on friends, family and mingling.  

It was time for me to get some rum. So a strawberry daiquiri was clutch. The emcees of the day were Wanjira and Maqbul . They were an electric couple. Beautiful hosts. Wanjira was a new feel to me since all the previous editions I attended were being hosted by Amina. I especially loved her energy and general vibe that together with Maqbul, they managed to transfer to the crowd. 

Wanjira and Maqbul on stage

The first performance of the day was by all-girl trio LINDA. I’d seen them before on YouTube and I’d always known them by having a unique style of doing Swahili renditions of  English songs. Not so many guys had heard of them before but they sure managed to harness the crowd and kick-start a show with their track ‘Hakuna Mwingine‘ which is a Swahili rendition of ‘Ain’t Nobody’ by Chaka Khan & Rufus.

LINDA on stage


The next performance was by Dan Aceda. King of Benga. He was mellow and pretty deep. I got to give him a first-time listen. Know those easy Sunday afternoons when you just want to wine, chill and listen to mellow music nice and slow? He is the go-to guy. You can go ahead and start with An E Yo next time you’re wanting such a setting. 

Dan Aceda doing his thing


We got a live taste of the Capital FM deejays, Andre and Protege right before The Kansoul checked in. They performed all their tracks, back to back, from the debut one. Almost everyone, including me, had been waiting for the Bablas beat to drop. It was live and sounded so authentic. They lived up to their hype and got the crowd charged.

Mejja on stage


By then, guys had had their fair share of alcohol and were just ready for Fally Ipupa. It was time. First off, he was on stage for close to 2 hours! Constantly dancing and singing. Kenyans, for sure, appreciate that kind of gesture. I’m not even trying to be rosy but he gave the crowd 100% perfomance. Performed like 8 of his popular tracks. At some point, as I was listening to Service (my all-time feel-good track) being performed live on stage (which was my first time ever) ,seeing him wind his waist slowly but surely to the sweet melodies of the electric guitar, looking up at the lights on the beautiful stage and feeling the vibe around me, I felt like I wouldn’t be able to put all that euphoria into words. Ever.

Snippet of Fally performing Service

Fally dancing to his sounds


Koroga Festival was a beautiful collage of  family, friends, music, dance, love, color, fashion and extremely good vibes!


                                       Can’t wait for the next!



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