Black Excellency.

When I was younger, somehow, I almost  always tried all I could to tamper with my dark skin, probably transform myself into a Mzungu. I’d come up with menacing ploys such as wanting to use the compass from my school geometrical set to break my skin, quite assured that the pale would finally break out. […]

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Just a few days ago, a boyfriend somewhere lost his baby. A mother lost her only daughters; girls on whom she’d showered hard-earned money,just so they would live the good life. A father’s dreams came tumbling down on seeing his daughter on a stretcher,being ferried to a morgue, of course, lying lifeless. All this, thanks […]

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Dawn Of A New Beginning.

Yes, this title was a stolen line from that Axwell & Ingresso song! Before you go bat shit crazy and complain about my lack of posting for the last month and a half, IN MY DEFENSE, I HAVE BEEN WRITING ABOUT MY FEELINGS AND ACTING LIKE A 10 YEAR OLD PREPUBESCENT GIRL…well,just not publicly. Oh! […]

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Hi lovelies! This week we talk about the L word! I’m going to share basically what I think about it and well,share a bit of that from my,well,my experiences (I’ll lay down my lowkeyness in all its magnitude and finally give a sneak peek,Lord help me through this tough ordeal!). Trust me,I’m no Doctor Love […]


Oh my brows!

Let’s talk eyebrows! Bushy,thin,barely there,and everything in between! Before Captain Mo takes you on this ride,we have to agree on one thing-eyebrows make up 90% of your face. The rest are just there to joyride in their glory,well,depending on if they are IT! Let me warn you, if you have kids playing in the background,better […]

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